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Injection Molding Division: ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Lead Processor Innovates Accurate's Injection Molding Through RJG Training

In 2017, Accurate Plastics offered Injection Molding Lead Processor, Michael Campanale, the opportunity to attend RJG injection molding training.  Vice President Enrico Steccanella says "We believe in scientific molding and don't want to be just using educated guesses in processing.  Instead we desire to use scientifically recognized techniques that can be replicated on each machine and for each resin.  This will improve the way we approach injection molding by combining experience with scientific evidence."  RJG is a participant-centered learning experience, winners of the 2015 Pike's Peak award for training.  It is a balance or lecture and activity-driven learning.  Michael attended the RJG Master Molder 1 course.  He says "with the methods of decoupled process I can conduct studies and interpret data to ensure the most efficient process.  This has given me a good understanding of what is going on with the process and troubleshooting different defects when they occur."

This knowledge enables Michael to create customized processing strategies based upon the needs of Accurate and its' clients and in doing so create efficient processing with shot-to-shot consistency and quality.  As a result of the course Michael has been able to reduce cycle times, minimize scrap rate, and maintain higher quality standards.  Accurate is proud to have Michael as a part of our team and look forward further continuing education opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

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